Roof Painting Auckland

Roof Painting Auckland

Concrete Roofs

Have you got a concrete or clay tiled roof? Have you got up there recently to inspect? You may want to get the Roof Painting Auckland professionals to help you. Call Citywide Decorators and we will help! We have trained professionals who are up on roofs all day long! We can inspect your roof for FREE and provide a detailed report if any maintenance is needed.

You may have cracked pointing, coating failure, or cracked tile that can be letting in moisture and rain that can be slowly damaging your internal structure on your home or business. Get onto that job as soon as possible and ring the experts.


Iron Roofs

If you have a good old Kiwi iron roof then you’re part of the majority of New Zealand. These roofs whether bare galvanised iron or factory painted coloursteel are the ones we see the most. Here at Citywide Decorators we pride ourselves on our paint system knowledge. Using the wrong paint for the job can be disastrous. Coloursteel roofs can have their problems, in the past we have fixed hundred of Coloursteel coatings that have failed and have peeled and flaked, or faded.

We use the very best paint products to restore your roof back to its new condition. Our paint system from Resene has CoolColour™ technology. This means that darker colours are much cooler and reflect more UV than your average paint coating. The end result is longer life which means savings for you!



Roof Colours


Click on the download button to view our roof colour selection. These are proven colours. If you like we can help you choose the best colour to suit your home or business. Contact us today for a FREE inspection of your roof. Roof Painters Auckland wide? Call Citywide..

Roof Restoration

We can provide you detailed roof inspection quotation showing your exactly the issues that need to be addressed.

It doesn’t matter if your roof is a high pitch! We won’t ask you to spend thousands on scaffolding like some of the major roof painting firms do. We use rope access to literally walk on your steep roof like we were walking on flat ground. When Roof Cleaning Auckland, safety is of upmost importance so we only have trained professionals who do this kind of work.
Rest assured you will be getting a high quality job at an affordable price. You can be guaranteed of that! Call us today for your FREE roof inspection 021 30 80 40.

Roof Painting in Auckland

Pressure Wash (Clean Moss, Mould and Lichen) tick
Treat Rust (Grind, Neutralise, Seal Rust)
Check Roof Structure, Replace Rusty Nail Heads
Prime any Bare Galvanized Iron
Apply 2 or 3 Coat System