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House Washing Auckland / Water Blasting

Washing your home or business is not the way you want to be spending your weekend. Let Citywide Decorators or the House Washing Auckland professionals come and clean your property until it looks brand new again. We will get rid of mould and lichen – all that green slimy gunk that can make you and your family very sick.

Transform your exterior roofs, cladding, windows, soffits, pathways and driveways from black to new! Just watch all that dirt and grime that has accumulated over years of wet weather and warm temperatures get blown away by our pressure washing machines. We take care on delicate surfaces like timber surfaces, paint work etc. We can use a non toxic formula to get rid of any growing fungi.

Water Blasting Services Auckland

House Washing Auckland wide is what we do! Call us today to book your home or business to get a once over by one of our professionals. There’s nothing like cleaning away all the dirt and cobwebs and leaving your property looking spic and span. If you are thinking of selling then you’ll want the roof, soffit, cladding, and driveways cleaned. This can make a really good first impression to the property buyer. Contact us today by filling out our FREE quote form!

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